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Gila Monster

Pronounced [ HEE-LA ]


Map & range not to any scale.


Gila Monsters can get up to 2 feet long. Primarily nocturnal.
They & the Mexican Beaded lizards are the only venomous lizards.
They do not inject their venom as a snake does but rather it gets into the wound from the Gila Monsters mouth as it bites.


New images as of 07/11/06
Taken at Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
Superior, Arizona.


I was walking across a grass area when I happen to notice the grass moving ahead of me.

In this type of a situation I always am looking down. In Arizona you never know what's in the grass.


As it moved out the dense foliage I could see it a very large Gila Monster.


As I moved it turned and headed towards me.


It now has my undivided attention. Maybe it just wants to get to know me better.


Am trying to skirt around it in order to get behind it once more.


Using a more powerful lens I can show its color pattern better.


Yep; I know he's still out there some where photographing me.




Just thought you might like to see its leg and foot up close.


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