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November 21, 2004

Went back to the canyon to try to get a few more images of the condor chick before it fledges.



I doing here?


One week it's


Up to my HUB-CAPS


This week end it's



As you can see, the wife would not let me drive her new Toyota to the Grand Canyon again.


Well, you sure don't have to be crazy to keep coming up here to get photos of the Condor chick.
But it sure helps if you are.

Hummm, I see I am not the only crazy out here going to the canyon


I think I will pull into the next point entrance I see, if I see it.


Well, I've see it all now.


I'll just take a short walk, a very short walk along the rim walk to see what the canyon looks like.

Well, looks like I'm not the only crazy out here after all.



Well now, if I were a snowman I would sit here a spell and try to view the canyon.


On the way to HOPI point

I don't know which is more dangerous the people in the road or the Elk.


Thanks for movin over big Elk.

There seems to be Elk every where.


GEE; Pine needles for breakfast, YUK.


Better than starvin, but not much better.

Well, Pine needles ain't to bad if'n there's nothin else, I guess.


And besides it ain't none of your buiness anyway.


If you would have look a little closer you would have seen I am eating Pinyon nuts.

I'm not not having as tough a time of it as that li'l ole Junco out there on the snow covered ground.

Sure am glad there's a few weed seeds sticken outa the snow.



Well I had better head for HOPI point to see if I can get any new photos of the Condor chick.

Maybe I had better come back after the snow plow has made its pass through here.


This is much better, except its started to snow again.

Note the snow is falling out of the top left corner & down.

This would be out of the Southeast.


A few seconds later.

This is wild, it's now snowing from bottom up.
Actually the wind is coming up out of the canyon
one minute, and from the southeast the next.


I don't think I am going to get any new photos of the Condor's nest today.


Nope, no fotos today.


On the way out I stopped by El Tovar Lodge but still could not see the canyon.

Nope, no one is using the tele-scopes today.


On the way back I just couldn't help but to take this photo.

No comment!!


One last look at the snow on my way out of the G/C park.


One last photo animation of the parent Condor flying in to feed its young.

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The chick has fledged, left the nest cave on November 25.
No further information at this time.

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