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The Madera Kubo Lodge

Want to know about the Kubo Lodge in Madera Canyon Arizona?

You may contact them at; Madera Kubo B&B

1259 S. Madera Canyon Rd

Madera Canyon, Arizona 35614

Phone 1-520-625-2908 or

Gift shop & where you would register if you were staying here.


Now we must remember this private property and you can not just walk on to it to
bird watch unless you are staying in one of the cabins.

However, you can do as many do, stand by the low wall and look through your binoculars at the many birds that come to that tree (RED ARROW) where the birds of the area most generally come to eat. This is where the Flame-colored Tanager came in April of 2006 and those standing by the wall got very good views & photos of it.

This the tree that the red arrow was pointing to.
As you can see they have put out many orange halfs, and much bird seed.


Here's the canbin I staid in while I was there photographing the Flame-colored Tanager.

It was very nice and clean with cooking facilities and a nice shower with plenty of hot water.


The Flame-colored Tanager


If you would like to view the rest of the birds I photographed while staying there please CLICK HERE


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Another very good place to bird watch
and stay while in the Patagonia, Arizona area is;
The Circle Z Ranch. (520) 394-2525