Cactus Wren

Cactus wren's call or song by Mr. Greg Clark of Http://


While on the desert approx. 01/20/06 I found this strange looker. I think it's a **Cactus Wren but am not to sure.

What do you think.

**I have been told these are not cactus wrens but are rock wrens**

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I know all of these are the real Cactus Wren



Cactus Wrens love to dig through the under brush for bugs.


A typical stance when looking for bugs on a tree.



At the entrance of its nest. It builds a football shaped nest generally in a Cholla Cactus.


It's a rare sight to see a young Cactus Wren looking out of the nest entrance.


Waiting for its parent to bring food.


Many times the Cactus Wren will be in or under some of the most difficult places to get to and you more than likely you will not see them.


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