Bewick's Wren

Pronounce it like the car's name.

Wren singing in the back ground by Mr. Greg Clark of


Approximately 5 1/2 inches long. Note the white eye brow.
Eats insects. Almost always has tail cocked up.


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Photos taken April 2004 at Mary Jo's Ash Canyon Bed & Breakfast Lodge.

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I have been told by those who "are in the know"" that this is a very early
nesting (possible a record) for this bird.
The spring weather in Arizona has been very cold and wet this spring.

The Bewicks Wren was very skittish about me being close enough to take these images
so I had to use a radio control devise on the camera and stand back quite a distance.
The flash didn't seem to bother the bird but my presence standing at the camera sure did.


Inasmuch as they or it kept coming to the nest
I figured there must be something in there such as chicks or another wren.


I don't know if this is nesting material or some kind of a bug.
However inasmuch as the nest is already built, it must be some kind of food.


We need a better look at this.


Sure looks like a mealy worm but I have not put any out here.


If you look closely you can see the bill of another bird inside the nest.


Later on I found out it was an adult bird inside.
So, this must mean there were only eggs in the nest and not chicks.


I have no idea just this is it is feeding.



That sure looks like a meal worm.



It's a worm but what kind I do not know.


This is a limb just next to the nest tile or box as the case may be.


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