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About 14 to 15 inches head to tail. Look for a Black & White wing pattern.

Winters at the Salton Sea & coastal beaches.

These birds will have at least 3 different molting colors.

Photographed at the end of POE Road Salton Sea 11/25/06.

It was almost sun set when I found them so the images may look reddish or orangesh & dark.
Sorry about the poor images but I wasn't going to pass up this chance to get photos since it was my last day at the Sea.

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A couple of new images 12/12/06


Not a very high quaity photo but I put it in any way.


Snap as many photos as possible in this subdued light trying to get that wing pattern and color.


I just kept on snapping the shutter & hoping I would get a good wing shot.



And then it happened, Oh what luck.

A few minutes before sun srt and I got it. Plus and as you see the sun was behind the birds.


A few more not so good images.


I want to tell you I was not close to the birds.
I would say about 100 to 200 feet from the shore and using a 600mm lens and for some shots
I put on a 2X tele-converter which made the lens 900 mm plus using it a digital camera made even longer.


Once again note the wing color and pattern


Black-neck Stilt in the top left of the photo.







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