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Rufous-capped Warbler
Basileuterus rufifrons

I likes semi open to dense bushes, forages near ground level. Normally holds tail almost vertical.
Named for its rufous crown.
Note the very bold white eyebrow.

This Warbler's normal range is, Mexico to West Guatemala. Occasional southern Arizona visitor.


Map & range not to any scale.

This warbler was photographed in Hereford, Arizona.



With out a doubt, this was the most difficult bird to photograph I have ever experienced.
It took me three days to get these two photos.
The bird moved from branch to branch about as fast as you can blink your eye.
This bird was in with a flock of Orange-crowned warblers and it like to perch
in this one particular bush.
So, this is where I waited to get my photo, every day for three days.


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