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Prothonotary Warbler
Pronotaria citrea

Pro-thon-o-tary Warbler


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Map and range not to any scale.
Also range is general and may not include the complete U. S. range.


Prothonotary Warbler where are you?
Come out-Come out, from where ever you are.

Three days at the Tucson, Arizona waist water treatment plant was about all I could stand,
sniff-sniff if you know what I mean.

Now this is where the bird kept popping up into view.
It would come up from the back side of this tree and disappear in a blink of your eye.
I had this camera set up, and had it on trap focus.
However as soon as I set the camera up it stop coming to this spot.

I think Murphy lives in my camera bag.


There you are, I got ya this time for sure.
This is a most interesting image.
See if you can tell why before you go to the next image.


Most likely one of the most difficult birds I have ever photographed.

This was an impulse reaction photo.
This means, I saw some thing yellow and tripped the camera shutter with out thinking.

Are you still trying to see why I said this a most interesting image??

Well, look a few seconds more and then scroll down to the next image.
Don't feel bad if you can't see it. I didn't either for several days of viewing this print.
If I say any more it will give away what I found in this image.







When I took the photo I did not think I got the bird. Why?
Because the bird never did land, perch, or light, on that limb.

When I set off the shutter two very powerful flash units went off.
I suppose this scared the bird into continuing its flight to another place.

Note the arrow with the "X" in it.
It is pointing to show you that the birds feet have not landed on the branch and never did.


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