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09/15/06 Soth Rim of the Grand Canyon


I just can't keep up with these little guys, they flit from branch to branch and tree to tree
so fast I can't follow them, let alone get any decent photos.

There are 11 images here??
I think that's incorrect;
I do believe there approximately 24/25 maybe, give or take an image or 2, large photos here,
I guess if you can't get good photos, make'm big.

What I have done here as an experiment, is to show you an un-cropped image & them show the cropped image.

In this way if you have a not so good uncropped photo and you crop it, you now have a very not so good cropped photo :-((.

Please wait 4 them 2 load.


Un-cropped image

The sun was just about to go below the horizon so I had to use fill flash.
I always keep my uncle "Fill Flash" around for just such occasions :-)).

A good photographer always has Fill Flash in his/her's camera bag.


I like to show all angles of a bird if possible.


Can you hear/see me now.:-))

If you don't get it, 4get it.


Ccropped image.



Cropped image


It had just flown down to this branch and had not completely landed.


Cropped image


Looks as though it is getting ready to move again.


Cropped image.


Yep, it's on its way.

Note the YELLOW spot in front of the eye


It changed directions so quick I didn't see it do it.


In fact I don't think it has completely landed yet.


Now it flies up into the light what little there is left.

You have to remember now, these birds don't stay in spot for more a second or two.


Cropped image


On the move again


Cropped image.




Sure hope it's not going to do what I think it is. :-))



Note that yellow spot in front of its eye.


O'no, here we go again.


I'm really getting quite dizzy trying to photograph this little bird, one more image and I QUIT.


It's ready to fly again. I'm pack-n it in and heading for the cabin.


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