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While scoping out the Savanna at the local zoo I spotted some very-very large birds perched on a pile of rocks way off in the distance.

So, digging out my very looooooong lens I decided to take a few photos.

While focusing my camera I was surprised to see that they were
and strange looking ones at that.

Some were dark brown and some were black with what look like white spots.

After viewing this image I see there are no large brown vultures here.

Distance from the camera on all of the photos about 200 yards.

We'll look at the dark brown vultures first.
Inasmuch as there were no plaques telling what they were I had to ask several zoo keepers and they told me they were;

Lappet-Face Vultures

To learn more click here

I had to look up the word Lappet.
It said to fold and or to lay over.
If you take a good look at their face you can see that the skin does lay in folds to an extent.

Size: 40 to 45 inches long, with a wingspan of 9 feet.
The Lappet-faced is one of the largest vultures, and it powerful enough to fend off a jackal!

The lappet-faced vulture is found in southern Africa, up the eastern coast,
and in the dry northern regions of the continent.
These vultures can range long distances from their nesting site, in search of food.


I do see that the skin on the back of its head and neck over laps and or is in layers.


I also can see it has a tongue.


The Vultures in the back ground are Ruppell's Griffon


The birds in the background are Crowned Cranes


This is the way they allow the UV rays of the sun to kill any parasite or other bugs.



I think it's getting ready to fly up into a near by tree.


Just as I thought.




I do believe it's getting ready to fly down from here.


I think this is going to happen rather quickly.


Get on your mark, Get set and -




That's about it for these guys, hope you have ejoyed the Lappet-face Vultures


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