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While scoping out the Savanna at the local zoo I spotted some very-very large birds perched on a pile of rocks way off in the distance.

So, digging out my very looooooong lens I decided to take a few photos.

While focusing my camera I was surprised to see that they were
and strange looking ones at that.


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Ruppell's Griffon Vultures

Map not to any scale nor absolute.


Griffon Vulture
Gyps rueppelli
Size: Up to 3 feet tall, and 17-20 lbs.
Voice: the Rüppell's has no actual vocal chords.
Still, they can make a variety of sounds, including screeches and hisses (usually when angry or when fighting over food).
They have also been documented as making clucking sounds like a chicken, (probably a more social and pleasant noise.)
Diet/Feeding: Feeding almost entirely on carrion, this vulture finds fresh meals with its keen eyesight.
In some regions, it is the dominant vulture at a feeding site, though in other areas it is out-bullied by the much larger
Lappet-faced vulture.
Flight: The Rüppell's Griffon vulture is currently on record as the highest-flying bird ever--one of these birds collided with an airplane flying at an altitude of 37000 feet!
This bird can soar for hours on end, searching out fresh carcasses.
Range/Habitat: Central and Northeast Africa, where they roost and nest on steep cliff faces.


Now that's a mess of Vultures if I ever saw a mess of Vultures.

All that white stuff on those rocks tells me they have been hear many times in the past.


From time to time I saw them with a rock on their bill.



Now these two just have to be up to something mischievous.
I think the one on the left heard me. :-))


Something must be going on that I can't see.
They won't be here very long now.


OH-OH I knew it, they are going to investigate.


Looks like it's going to tip-toe up to what ever is going on.


Maybe I had better check out what's going on too.


All I need now is a little head wind to get off the ground.



OK, what's going on over here?


I think maybe there's a little courtship starting here. Or they are having an argument over something.


I'm getting outa here, these guys are always disagreeing over something.


Hey, did you guys see & hear what's going on over there??


That's about it for the Ruppell's Vultures

Sure hope you have enjoyed viewing them.

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