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YES; is seems to be nest construction time at the Arboretum

I have located one nest with eggs in it and not more than 50 feet away another is now under construction.

This time I get to see it being built from the base up. Also you will note as I have it's not a typical nest location,
they normally build a sort of hanging type nest but not this one. Let me show you the beginnings.


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Now if you have ever seen a Verdin's nest in the past they weren't like this one.
This much of the nest was put together in about 5 hours.

Almost seems like an impossible place to build a nest as you will soon see.


You see there really is a Verdin in there doing the construction on this nest.


OH, they're watching me photograph them

I told them I was the Verdin housing inspector so they went on with the construction & paid me no mine.


Just a little bit farther and I'll have it in place, maybe.


Well, now that I have it, what am I going to do with it?


Ya know it's really hard standing on one leg and moving the sticks with other.

try to see where the bird's feet are.


Got another long one coming up dad, hope you can handle it.


Just getin these sticks to the nest is a chore.

Can you see the long stick it has in its beak?


I think it's time for a coffee break, don't you?? :-))


Well, back to the ole grind, gee I wish she'd give me a stick I could work with.


Hey; how about giving me a little help down there would ya, push up when I say push.


He thinks it's easy trying to get these long sticks up, but I can ya tell ya it ain't easy.


Well Mr. inspector are we doin OK or not?


I really don't know what's goin on here. They didn't eat it but rather stuck it in between the sticks.


While he's up there tryin to get those sticks in place I am gonna take a time out.


It's time to show a little kindness, here's a short stick for ya to put in place.


Just about the time I get used to the long sticks she shoves me a short one. What a jolt!!


I'll try to look in on the nest building Verdins in about a week to see if the nest is done.



Went back to check on the nest building.

Must be close to where I had found the original building site.


Looks like they went on STRIKE or just gave up building.


Even though they were not building any more they were in the bushes all around the old unfinished nest just looking at it.

It was to difficult getting those twigs in place Earl so we gave up.



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