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Eared Trogon


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I once saw a Trogon with ears.
It flew, through the trees, with out any fears.

People came from near and far.
They all pointed and shouted, OH there you are.

They all ran with arms pointed towards the sky.
I can see the Trogon, there it is, UP HIGH.

With all of the pointing and shouting,
the poor bird didn't know what to do.
So out of pure exasperation it just flew.

I stood by my camera watching them all run.
I just couldn't believe the sight I was seeing.
They chased that poor bird, and it just kept on fleeing.

It flew to a limb just over my head.
Grabbing my camera I focused it dead, clicking my shutter
and when the flash went off, and the poor bird flew from its perch aloft.

As I watched it fly away through the trees all beautiful and red.
I thought to myself, we're all going to cause that bird to be dead.

I gathered up my equipment and headed for my car.
I drove down that hill it sure seemed far.

I thought to myself as I was driving home.
Is it all worth it, just to see a rare bird?

My photos are nice, and I know the bird watchers were all pleased.
But what about the Trogon, does any one care?

Some found feathers on the ground.
But there's no more TROGON to be found.


I am ashamed to say, that I was there, as I watched that group that day, that chased the Trogon from tree to tree,
however I did get a photo for all to see.



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