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Eastern Towhee
Pipilo erythrophthalmus


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We don't see these birds in Arizona except on rare
occasions when one looses it way and ends up in Arizona.

They feed and act like the Spotted Towhee, and look almost alike.

A ground feeding bird. Scratching through the under brush and leaves.
Very seldom comes out into the open except to feed on a man made feeder.
If you watch this bird closely you see it hope backwards scratch away the the
surface leafs and other surface things to get at what is under them.
Feeds mostly on spiders, lizards, insects, & grass seed.


Map & range not to any scale.

Eastern Towhee photogrphed Greensboro, N. C.



The above 2 photos are of male Eastern Towhees.


Take a quick look at a Spotted Towhee
This is the one we have in Arizona.
Until the AOU changed the name it use to be Rufous sided Towhee.

I will try to get more on line on the Eastern Towhee,
I have many photos of young being fed & the female.

Now have them let's take a look.

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