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Canyon Towhee
Pipilo fuscus


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Bird recording by Greg Clark
recording may take a while to load it's about 300KB

Color is a dull brown with a reddish crown and a dark spot in the middle of its breast.
I have seen these birds peck dead bugs from under parked cars,

however the book says they feed in tall grasses on hill sides.

A ground feeding bird. Scratching through the under brush and leaves.
Very seldom comes out into the open except to feed on a man made feeder.
If you watch this bird closely you see it hope backwards scratch away
the the surface leafs and other surface things to get at what is under them. Feeds mostly on spiders, lizards, insects, & grass seed.

One time while I was parked and out of my car, one flew over
and fought with the bird in my rear view mirror. Guess who that was?
See photos below.


Map and range not to any scale.



Note the Rufous under tail next to body.
You also can see a small out line of the bib under bill.


Note dark spot on breast and once again the under tail rufous.


The bird kept this action up for over an hour.


New images as of 04/10/02



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