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Abert's Towhee
Pipilo aberti


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Sort of a grayish brown bird. Has a pale bill. I think the black
through the eye looks a lot like Robins mask [ of Batman & Robin ].

Also on this page you will see an Abert's Towhee that has some Leucistic or white feathers.
Also a ground feeder under bushes and brush piles.

A ground feeding bird. Scratching through the under brush and leaves.
Very seldom comes out into the open except to feed on a man made feeder.
If you watch this bird closely you see it hope backwards scratch away the the surface
leafs and other surface things to get at what is under them.
Feeds mostly on spiders, lizards, insects, & grass seed.


Map & range not to any scale.


New images as of 67/11/06

The fledgling is on the right.




fledgling on the left.


New images as of 6/21/06

I want to tell you it's HOT here in Arizona in June




Gee what feller has to go through just to get a drink these days.


OH; OOOO; ouch those darned ole stones sure HOT.


WELL; what'ga think I was posed to do.


There just has to be a way to get a drink of this cool water some how.


Well, heres goes one more time, wish me luck.


OH, OH, there's that old Cardinal, I had better fly up there and see what its up to.


OK, go ahead and I'll wait here to see how you do it.


Below photos taken at an earlier time/date.

Normal looking Abert'sTowhee


Abnormal looking Abert's Towhee
has some Leucistic or white feathers.



Those are white rocks, not snow.


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