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Images taken 04/04 at Ash Canyon - Mary Jo's B&B -
If you would like to visit there just chick HERE


AAH YES, no doubt many of you have taken photos like this one.
I love'em, many times I get many different results.

The bird, just in case you don't see it is in the upper left corner.
Wonder if it's landing or taking off?? :-) :-).

If I am operating my shutter at 1/125th of a second and the birds can hear it, how fast are they moving in order not to get their picture taken????????????? Any guesses???


I call this my red-yellow & black bird photo.

Bird on the left is an Audubon's/Yellow-rumped Warbler, hope I got that correct.






Well, I guess we have photographed this bird from about all angles.

And of course by now you do know this is the male Hepatic Tanager, don't you? :):):)


You're not going to believe what the female Hepatic Tanager looks like.




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