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While photographing the Orang-colored Tanager the Robins were seen every where.

Behind the tree the Tanager was coming to was a large vine that had attached it self to a Sycamore tree.

I was told this English Ivy would eventually kill the tree.

Here's the tree. It's loaded with purple berries.

Now here's the base that shows the vine attached to it.

Where's the tree? :-))


I just know there's a berry here some where.


OH; these taste so good I could eat a 100 of them, and I think the Robin did just that.


Well, now that my tum-tum is full of those delicious berries I had better fly down and get nice cool drink.


I am showing this image of the Robin in the creek about to get a drink
because I want you to see how it drinks in the next photo.

After it gets a beak full of water it must raise its head in order to swallow the water.
Many birds cannot swallow unless their head is raised like the Robins in this photo.


But for most part it just perched in the tree that Orioles and Tanagers were coming to and eating the oranges.



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