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Cooper's Hawk


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On my fourth day of photographing at the kubo Lodge "NO BIRDS"

How can this be as there were birds everywhere all of the days before.


And then it happened!

A very nice adult Cooper's Hawk flew through the area I was sitting in trying to photograph the birds.

I don't know if you have witnessed this before, but when a hawk flies through a bird area they, all of the smaller birds turn invisible.


The Flame-colored Tanagers, the Scott's Orioles, and every other bird that I had been seeing for the last 4 days was GONE,
and GONE they were for the rest of the day. The Cooper's kept flying through most of the day.

Inasmuch as there were no birds to photograph I decided to walk around a bit.
I saw the Cooper's Hawk fly in and followed it to a location high in a tree just over
the small tree where the Tanagers and the Orioles
and all the others came
to eat the oranges and other goodies the Lodge owners put out every day.

It appeared like the Hawk that flew in was feeding something in the nest
but I could not see it or what it was feeding because of the sever angle
I had to look up at. I would say the nest was approximately 60 to 70 feet up in a sycamore tree.



I over exposed this image in order to get a good look at its eye.

For you non photography folks that means I let more light into the camera which gives me an image like the one above.


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