Streak-backed Oriole

Streak-backed Oriole
lcterus pustulatus


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A rare winter visitor to Arizona from Mexico.

Approximately 8 inches tail to head.
A rare winter visitor to the Southwest United States.
Mainly to Southeastern & western Arizona and Southern California.

Some might confuses it with a Hooded Oriole like when I was photographing it.
Many in the group told me, oh, that's just a Hooded Oriole.
I thought that was just great, because no one crowded in around me while I was photographing it.

The Hooded Oriole has a bared back and the Streak-backed has light broken streaks which I shall try to show.


These images were taken in Gilbert, Arizona at the



New images as of 10/22/06



Taken 2005



Not the light dark streaks on the upper back.



Hooded Oriole


Hooded Oriole

The book calls this type of markings BARED

Hopefully I have been able to you the differance between the two birds.


Now for a few more images of the Streak-backed Oriole


In this image you can really see the darker orange/yellow on the side of its head.



So long folks I'll have to be on my now that you photographed me from just about all angles.


Just a few more images as of 12/06/05




I would have to say these images are life size or close to it.



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