Northern Mockingbird

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A very common bird hear in central Arizona.

However there is one thing they do that I have not been able to capture with my camera as of yet.
Or, I should have said until last night or evening.

About this time of year (MAY) they seem to what I call "THE WING DANCE".
They spread their wings out in a jerking motion and then fold them back to their body.

I have decided because I can't find anything in the books on this that it is a pre-mating display or,
the bird is having a very difficult time with A "BM" :-))

As the bird danced around me at about 20 feet away I snapped a few images.


Well it did not take long before I found out more on what is called "Wing flashing" you can go th these links to find out.


OK now, here we have what appears to be one normal Northern Mockingbird.


And then in a blink of an eye we have this.

You had better be very quick because those wings aren't going to stay out more than a second or two.


Then it would bow its head and do it all over again.


Looking at a side view.


Have you ever seen this?


OK, that's about enough for now,
if you know the true meaning of this type display please let me know and where you found it.

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