Horned Lark


Horned Lark
Eremophila alpestris

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If you see this bird on the ground, and that's where it will be most of the time, please note that it walks, it does not hop. It has a black bib and a heave black area coming down from under the eye on the cheek. Back is tan. If you look close you also see its horns.


Map and range not to any scale.


Just a couple of new photos 02/20/07 photographed Elgin, Arizona while looking for the Lapland Longspur

Because of the background colors I like this image as one of my best shots of the Horned Larks


Appears to be walking on water; however the water is froze.


I'll tell'ya, the company one has to put up with just to get a drink.

Bird on left is a Vesper Sparrow


A lone at last, maybe I can now drink in piece?


I had better get outa here before those ole Sparrows return.

Note its HORNS??


About 100 feet bird to camera not to good of an image.



This is the image I wanted to get. Next shows its horns in case you don't see them here.






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