White-headed Lapwing?
White-headed Plover?


White-headed Lapwing?
White-headed Plover?

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Why two names?

In the readers Digest book "Birds" There Life-There Ways-There World, on page 249 they refere to this bird as a White-headed Plover and that it is more commonly called a "Lapwing"

In Collins Illustrated Checklist Birds Of Eastern Africa and on plate #31.2 shows the bird and calls it a White-headed Lapwing.

Both books refer to it as the same genus called "Vanellus tectus"

However, in looking into the Plovers I see their genus is called "Charadrius pallidus"

Not being a very good bird identifier I find this most difficult to under stand.
However it is a very pretty bird and I really don't care what it is called,
it's just that I have never run across a bird with two different names both common and genus.

Habitat is sandy river banks.


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