Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

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Photographed in the Gilbert, Arizona Water Ranch East of Phoenix



About 4 foot in length and about a 6 foot wing span.
I would guess it's about as high as an Elephant's eye or higher.


Some times having the sun behind your subject creates a nice view.


I had better back off because I think it's going to take off.


And it did but I didn't have my shutter speed set high enough to stop the action.


Haa, that's a little better, please bare in mind this bird is over 300 feet away so real good photos
just don't happen at that distance if you are not prepared for them.


He's really picking up speed.




Hey bud you'd better watch where your flyin, that's a bit close for comfort I think.


And this is where it landed.


A few more images as of 12/08/05

taken at the same place.

UP-UP and away.




Now if I can just get my landing gear up.


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