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Great Blue Heron

and family



About 4 foot in length and about a 6 foot wing span.
I would guess it's about as high as an Elephant's eye or higher.

These are the "NO WAKE ZONE" guards at Site 6 Havasu City Arizona.

Yes, I did put 2 photos together to make this picture.


This will be a continuing photo story of "G. B. Heron and family"

I will try to take photos every week of this nest.

However, it is over 100 miles from my home so I just might miss the fledging inasmuch as I only get to go on weekends.

These photos were taken April 12, 13 2003

Unless other wise stated all of these images are of nest number 3

Wouldn't ya just know it, it turned its back to me just as I was ready to take a photo.


Now that's much better.


Hey; me and kids are getting hungry, how-bout a fish or two?


What's all noise about, I ain't been gone but a couple minuets.


Darn these bugs anyway.


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