Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Photographed in the Gilbert, Arizona Water Ranch just East of Phoenix


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About 4 foot in length and about a 6 foot wing span.
I would guess it's about as high as an Elephant's eye or higher.


Photos taken at Gilbert, Arizona at;


Sitting on the lake side waiting for birds to photograph, it amazing what a fellow sees in a days time.

I have many Great Blue Heron photos but none on it fishing or I should say catching fish.


WHOA, STOP or what ever, this looks like a good place to fish.


This flyin around is A-OK but the getting stopped is somwthin else I'll tell ya.


Well, I guess I had better start lookin around for a fish or 2 before those nasty ole Egrets find me.


Well, as you can see I am knee deep in this mucky ol water, sure hope there's a fish or 2 for me to catch.


OH my, I do believe I see a fish.


Oh yes, and I do believe it's legal length for me to take it,
now all I have to do is beat that ole Snowy Egret to it.


Poised for the catch.




There's nothin like a little salad with your fish I always say.



There's two many Egrets here to suit me so I am outa here for now

Thanks for stopin by to watch me fish.


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