Great-tailed Grackles

Great-tailed Grackles
Quiscalus mexicanus


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I have never seen a Great-tailed Grackle's nest until I was photographing in the Heron Rookery.

There had to be at least 100 or more in the area of a foot ball field.


Not knowing just what kind of a nest I was looking at,

I decided to look inside of one of them.


Checking in my guide to Nest Eggs by Baicich & Harrison, second edition, I see that they are Great-tailed Grackle eggs.


Of course when the bird returned I knew for sure what it was.


A week later I see the parent bird is looking into the nest before getting in to it.

There just may be some thing other than eggs by now.


I knew sooner or later if there were chicks they would stick their heads up.


Looks like that third egg didn't hatch.



These guys are hungry.



Both parents attended the nest duties.


Back to sleep after a good meal.


The feeding seems to never stop.


And then back to sleep.


And then of course there are not so nice nest duties that must be done after each feeding.
That means carrying off the fecal sack of the chicks.


Both chicks lived to leave the nest and hopefully lived happily ever after.


By the way, have you ever seen Grackles catching fish and eating them??

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