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Driving the Highways & Byways
of Arizona with Earle Robinson as he searches for Arizona Wild Life


I just can't seem to stay away from the Grand Canyon.

I can remember the 1965 Robert Wise's song and movie
"The Sound of Music"

So I have decided to call this trip to the Grand Canyon



No canyon visit would be complete without seeing a Chipmunk, It's a Least Chipmunk

I think I heard that they treat over 2000 bites a year at the canyon because the poor critters don't know where your finger starts and the food ends.


If you look very closely you can see the parent bird in the back ground just about the chick.

This is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, (why do they put that G on there anyway??)

for more information clcik



These little guys don't stay in one place long enough to get any good shots of them either.


Only saw one Hummingbird this trip while at the canyon

I thought it was a Costa's but the canyon is out of its range, so,
it may be a Broad-tailed hummingbird, but it sure looks like a Costa's to me and I saw it using 20 power binoculars.


Many Lizards make the canyon their home but this one just would not leave my camera bag alone. Looks like it might be a Desert Spiny Lizard.


There were many Peregrine Falcons over head but much to high and fast to get a good photo of.

Also there's a jet above it


While photographing the Brewers Blackbirds I noticed this very large piece of white quarts buried in the side of the canyon.


OH ME, OH MY, those darn ole cactus thorns really hurt.
Would you please help remove it Earle. I sure would be much obliged if you would.


A few more new images while at the canyon 9-1-05

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