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About 24 inches in height and wing span about 41 inches.

It's all white with a black bill, black legs, yellow feet, and yellow eyes.

Large plumes on its head and back and they curve up wards.
During breeding season **lores** turn red.

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Photographed 11/20/05
Gilbert Water Ranch, Gilbert, Arizona.

The need to make sure this really is a Snowy Egret.

This bird was smaller than all of the other birds on the pond
and basically met most of the Snowy Egret identifications.
However it would not come up out of the water so I might verify its yellow feet.


And then it happened.


OH, yes, no doubt about it, those yellow feet make a positive ID.


NOW, let's go finishing.


All I have to do now is get it turned around.



OH, darn, I lost it.


Well I can always try again.

Maybe there's one over here.


I know they are in here.


Better have a look see over here too.


These little critters sure move around mighty fast.


I just can't seem to keep up with them lil ole fishes.


OK, it's time for some real fishing strategy.


Here's a technique that generally works


YEP, I do believe it is working. Note the fish surfacing between its legs.


Gotcha, now ifn I can only hang on to it and get it turned around in order to get it down.


I'll have to get it turned around so it will go down head first or those sharp fins will rip me up as it goes down.


I do believe I am gonna get the job done.


Almost got it.


Well that's it ole fish, down you go.


I watched it go down its throat for several minutes.


What's this?

Is it going after another?


It's got another one, how many fish can this guy eat anyway?


Now here's a very tricky move.
You had better be quick or you will drop it back into the lake.


I'll get it turned around in a minute or two.

Note the fish just to the left of the birds bill, there must be thousands of them in this shallow pond.


I sure wish that darned ole fish would quit slobbering, it sure makes things much harder to do.


Well, that's about it for now, I had better go perch on the shore and let those fishes digest for a while.




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