Reddish Egret



Reddish Egret

Dark Morph

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The above map is only approximate and not to any scale.

This bird is generally found near the coast and or in salt water flats.

It is rarely found far from the coast.

The Reddish Egret is normally found in Florida and on the Texas & Pacific coast.

The Dark Morph is not INDIGENOUS to any part of Arizona.

The bird was first spotted by a Tucson, Arizona birder, put on the BIRDWG05@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU

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Map of the location of where the bird was spotted 10/11/03
These photos were take 10/12/03 early A.M. and afternoon.


Lake Side Park

This is a small lake and it is in a very pleasant setting.

It's a very tame bird, normally it should not get this close to humans.


Just in case you did not see the bird in the photo above.

Later on in the day it did get hooked in the leg while one of the fishermen was reeling in his line.

With in a few minutes the bird was back along the shore line feeding right next to the fishermen once more.


If you look closely you can see some reddish in the feathers.


In this close up image you can see the feathers show
a little rufous color. The same goes for the image on your right.


In this image you can see the bill is a yellowish color next to its Lores.

The adult bird has a yellow bill with a black tip.


The photo on your right was taken in the late afternoon and that is why it has a magenta cast to it.

The photo on you left is more the correct color and it was taken around 9 A.M.

Also note the knee bends backwards to the way ours works.


Sometimes this bird will hold its wings out, this is called "Canopy feeding" this causes a shadow on the water
making it easier for the bird to view its prey.

The Reddish Egret is the only North American Heron to feed in this manor.

Sorry about showing the lake trash in the lower left corner.


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