Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler
Anas clypeata


I have always noticed that their bill looks like an up-side-down spade or shovel.
A green head similar to a Mallard's but not the yellow bill that the Mallard has.


Map and range may not be to any scale.


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Bird on the left as you look at the photo is a female.
Bird on the right in the photo as you look at it is a male.


New images as of 12/11/05 taken in Gilbert, Arizona at


Adult male fall; September/November.


Eats submerged aquatic plants, also eats surface bugs, insects as it swims. Its bill has a comb like edges that that catch these things. Nest are generally in a small hole or depression in the ground and is lined with down. many times nest is quite away from water, some times over 100 feet away.


A few more images as of 12/23/05




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