The California Condors
as they soar over and perch on the cliff rocks at the South rim of the Grand Canyon

I am glad you came to view the Condors
Please enjoy yourself and return often




It was a hot muggy after noon Thursday July 15 2007.
Storm clouds dotting the some what clear blue sky over the south rim of the Grand Canyon
as I sat nodding on a wooden bench just out side the Bright Angel ice cream and gift shop.


And then the water came down by the buckets full.
But it was over before you could dry of your camera.

Red arrow is pointing to the gift shop where I was napping on that wooden bench just out side its entrance.


Don't know what happened here. The rain must have shrunk the photo:-))

Well, let's see if Ican explain it any way. The storm has past, but there will be another soon.

On the right but to small to read it says,
look over the canyon edge here and you can see the water pipe that brings
water from the north rim to the south for all to use and drink.

I am showing this because I want to tell you about the condors and the water pipe before I go on.
Very few know about this.
If we take a look over the canyon edge right here we will/can??
see the water pipe and just maybe a condor or 2, maybe.

Yellow arrow is the water pipe. Red arrow is pointing to a very lazy condor taking a siesta.


Yep, another condor back there in the shade.

Red arrow Condor - Yellow arrow water pipe.

Much wild life drinks from these leaks in the water pipe, & you never know what you will see down there.


Before we view the rest of the images I had better tell you where I was when I took them.

The image below is approximately a mile west of the water pipe. It's called Look-out studio

This is the viewing are out behind Look-out studio

The red arrow is another place I stand to photo condors at the water pipe.


Looking back east towards the water pipe.

Arrow is pointing to the water pipe that has leaks and birds love it.


A wide angle view of the area.
Red condors, yellow water pipe



I had better get under cover because here comes the big storm.

And I can see the

is out there in it.

I sure hope the lightning doesn't get it.

Yes, old wing tag number 50 is out there checking out the storm.

The storm is going up the canyon east and we are not getting wet.


Just in case you don't see #50 here is a cropped image.

More than likely it isn't getting rained on, but you can't tell that for sure from a mile away.



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