California Condors

What do those tag numbers on the Condor wings mean

First some information.

Scientific Name - Gymnogyps californianus
Family - Cathartidae [ New World Vultures ]
Wingspan - 9.5 feet
Life Span Possibly 60 years
Condors reach sexual maturity & attain adult plumage & coloration by 5 or 6 years old.
Generally the immature Condor has a dark or blackish head instead of the adult bird's reddish hear.
However, the adult Condor when cold can cause a black sheath to cover up its neck and head.
There is no viable difference between the makes and the females.
Unless your a Condor the way to tell the difference is with a blood test.
Condors are strict scavengers.
They find their food visually, they often will investigate the activity of other scavengers such as Eagles,Coyotes, Ravens.

If the Condors are flying overhead note the wing tag number.
Then you go to the Peregrine Fund Condor Project on the web at;
and learn all about the Condor(s) you may have seen.


South Rim of the Grand Canyon 05/14/05 out in front of the Bright Angle Lodge & along that walkway.


The distance from camera to bird in all of the following images is approximately
1500 feet, give or take a few feet.


A Condor named 33 went fishing and upon returning home he tried to tell his wife Condor 34 all about it.

What'ya mean, where have I been, I've been fishing all day long and -----


I caught the biggest fish you have ever seen, why it was this long.


What do you mean you don't believe me?


Don't ever come home again and try to make me believe such a fish story.


And you had better not come back home without that fish!!


OH, what will I do now?


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