The California Condors
as they soar over and perch on the cliff rocks at the South rim of the Grand Canyon

I am glad you came to view the Condors
Please enjoy yourself and return often



South Rim of the Grand Canyon 05/09/06



Whatch this Raven (orange arrow) it's a trouble maker for sure.


You can't see it but the Raven has moved over behind Condor #42


The Ravens seem to just love tormenting the Condors.

Arrow shows the Raven had got a hold of one of the Condor's tail feathers.


As you can easily see by the Raven's posture it is now pulling on that feather.


Here's a closer view showing that it really is pulling that feather.


Ole number 42 has decided to move to a new location on the rock and hopefully the Raven wont find him.



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