The California Condors
as they soar over and perch on the cliff rocks at the South rim of the Grand Canyon

I am glad you came to view the Condors
Please enjoy yourself and return often


Condor number 41 left the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and decided to take a trip to town,
Tusayan, Arizona that is; a small town just outside the South entrance to the Grand Canyon
On Arizona state highway 64.

Joining in on the search for the bird I just happened to spot it high in a dead tree just behind the Pizza Hut restaurant. They were afraid it may have been feeding on the local garbage, or, perhaps there was an animal carcass in the area. Soon after locating it the bird took off in a northwest direction and did fly back to the canyon.

There are 9 photos below please give them time to load, you will enjoy the views.


After about 45 minutes of searching the hill side behind the Tusayan Pizza Hut building I saw several Common Ravens flying around the top of a dead tree off in the distance. I know the Ravens love to harass the Condors so I watched them and they kept flying to this old dead tree.

So, up the rocky covered ground I went a huffing and a puffing. I ain't no spring chicken ya know. I have to go slow and whatch where I put my feet down, you youngsters out there will know what I mean in a few years :-)).

Anyway; once I got up top side of this hill I could see the ole Condor perched in the top of that dead tree just looking all around, she knew we were coming to find her. By the way 41 is a 4 year old female California Condor.


She was keeping an eye on our every move.


As you can see in this image she didn't take her eyes off us for a second.


A few Ravens flew over so she had to watch them for a while.


I put this image in because you can really get a good look at her red eyes.



OH OH, this ain't no wing stretching exercise movement.
I think she's had enough of us walking around the base of that tree and she's about take off for parts unknown.


I think it's about to happen.


Yep, I was right she's getten outa here and headed back to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we all hoped.


New fotos as of 05/15/06


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