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I didn't know they had them; but who am I to argue with Mother Nature


Before I go any farther let tell you about an experience I had while photographing these very small birds

Outside the Bright Angel Lodge's ice cream shop along the walk way of the south rim
a flock of Bushtits (about 50 of them) flew in and flitted through the trees and shrubs/bushes along the walk way.

Grabbing my camera I started to try and get a few photos of these birds. Inasmuch as they do not stay in any one spot much more than a few blinks I really had to work to photograph them.

A lady came up next to me and ask me what was I photographing and when I didn't answer she kept asking what are you doing.

By this time I am pretty well P.O'ed. So, turning to her I said in a rather loud voice

She stomped off and in a few minutes hear she comes back with a big ugly bear looking guy at her side. He says to me what was it you called my wife? It was abought that time the name BUSHTIT hit me :-)).

I'm sure glad my friend a park officer ranger was standing next to me. He had whitenessed the whole thing and told the guy to move on before he had to make any arrests.

Later on that night he found me in the dinning room eating dinner and said he was sorry and that he had already paid my food check. I thanked him and hoped I would never see them again.


Bushtits nesting

Bushtits at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Bushtits photographed along the walk way at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon approx.


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