Brewer's Blackbirds

Driving the Highways & Byways
of Arizona with Earle Robinson as he searches for Arizona Wild Life


I just can't seem to stay away from the Grand Canyon.

I can remember the 1965 Robert Wise's song and movie
"The Sound of Music"

So I have decided to call this trip to the Grand Canyon



Well, let's get on to some of the other birds I saw.

This next series of images were taken by looking over the edge of the canyon's rim. This is a very dangerous operation for anyone to attempt to do. You must make sure your footing is very secure, or lay on your stomach, have someone hold onto you. The fall doesn't hurt, it's that sudden STOP at the end that does all of the damage.

Well, not having any feathers, and having a glide pattern like a rock, I have decided to lay flat on my stomach and not let more of me hang over than my head and camera. If I drop the camera I can buy another one, but if I fall it's the end of me.

In my first look over the edge I thought I saw a baby black bird. I saw the bird fly into a bush while standing but lost track of it so I had to look over the edge. Sure enough, but I did not know what it was at the time, I just started taking photos.


There are 13 very large images on this page, please wait for all to load, you won't be disappointed.

I'll have to see the parent bird to be able to ID this one.


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HUMMMM, Still don't know what it is. I would guess this is the female.


OK, that's more like it. This is a Brewers Blackbird male feeding its chick.


Yep, without a doubt it is a Brewers Blackbird.


Come on pop, give me the bug!!

I am getting to far over the edge and I don't want to visit those Blackbirds in person. I am about 15 to 20 feet about them but the fall would be much more than that.


OK POP, put it right in here.

As you can see I can looking straight down on these birds from about 20 feet. The faded area or blurring is caused by branches in the way of the image and the lens blurs it because I am focused on the birds.


You can see iridescence in the males back feathers.



Female Brewers Blackbird.


The two chicks are climbing on each other to be feed.


Male watching the chicks act up.



These last two images are of the female parent bird.




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