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The above two photos were taken in a field south west of phoenix. 12/99


Male Red-winged Blackbird
Nest in ponds or fresh water marshes with lots of weeds or Cat-tails growing in them.

About one mile east of El'mirage road on Indian School Road in a water
ditch on the north side of the road. The following photos were taken all at the same location.


Male Yellow-headed Blackbird


Possible male immature Red-winged Blackbird.


Female Red-winged Blackbird


There are three different birds in this picture.

Can you see them?
Top right is a Great-tailed Grackle.
Top center is a Curved-billed Thrasher.
Lower half of photo are Red-winged male & female Blackbirds


Female Red-winged Blackbird.


Male Red-winged Blackbird. This type of displaying is done during mating season.


Male Red-winged Blackbird. This type of displaying is done during mating season.


Fledgling being fed by parent.

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