BIRD PHOTOSBishop Red/Orange Bishop


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Photos are of a Male bird.
Photos taken in Phoenix, Arizona 08/11/01.

Seems to be a small community of these birds forming in North Central Phoenix.

I will have to get out my African bird book to learn more on this bird.



Well, went and bought the book. "Birds of the World" by Colin Harrison and Alan Greensmith.
Page 372.

It is a "RED BISHOP"???. It still looks Orange to me.
Family-Ploceidae - Species Euplectes orix - 4 1/2 inches head to tail.

Found in wet areas in tall grasses or reeds.
Nest 3 to 6 feet above the ground or water.
Small oval nest woven from grass and reed leaves and generally attached to a reed stem.

As usual they don't say any thing about the female but show a photo of her.
She looks like a sparrow with a brownish/reddish bill and is shown with a white patch under her bill or on the throat.


"The Sibley Guides to Birds" Shows a photo of the same bird but calls it an "Orange Bishop"
Euplectes franciscanus. It says the female has a pinkish bill, and is similar to a Grasshopper Sparrow in appearance.


I believe the bird upper right in the above photo is an Orange Bishop (Euplectes franciscanus)
and the bird in the lower lerft is a Red Bishop (Euplectes orix) See nest photo next page.

In the near future Mr. Tom Gatz of the U. S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services,
has promised to let me reprint some information on this bird and show a nest photo he took at
the approximate location I have been photographing the bird.



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