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Thee -FIRE

at the North rim of the Grand Canyon

I am not going to show any photos of the fire at the North rim,
but, I will show you an image or 2 of what it did to the canyon as I saw it from the South rim.

Just west of the North Rim Lodge a few miles is what is called the DRAGON Plateau.
Now I for one have never seen a Dragon over there and I have been there several times.
It's just that I may have not look in all of the right places for one.

Out side the Bright Angel Lodge on the south rim a park ranger stood with a placard telling all about the fire. He said it was caused by a lightning strike.


However we know different, don't we?

I'll just bet it was really started by two of those ole mighty fire breathing Dragons fighting.
I just don't buy that lightning story.

At night when the temperature dropped the smoke would roll down the and over the canyon walls and cliffs, and in the first light of the morning it made a spectacular sight.


It only lasted until the temperature started to rise and caused the smoke to rise up and out of the canyon.

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