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Pronounced - ( o-ko-tee'-yo )

I have decided to put the Ocotillo in this Pedal classification because it does not fit in the cactus or flower plant class. I believe its in a field all of its own.

A plant that almost resembles a large ( V ) or funnel shape. Most of the time it looks as if it's dead. Just dried out sticks with no leaves on them. Just after a rain it sprouts leaves. Ocotillos can be found from western Texas, southern Arizona, and south eastern California, and northern Mexico.


Ocotillo after a good rain. Desert northwest of Tucson, Arizona. April 2000.


Before rain.

After rain.


Top image, buds before opening.
Bottom image flowering.


Click on these small images if you would like to see a larger view.

A few close up's of the blooms.



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