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Coyote Melons

Buffalo Gourds

Grows along streams and on desert sandy flats. Some are so large they look as if they are taking over every thing. Very large green-grey triangular leaves. Has a large yellow funnel shaped flower. produces a small 2-3 inch miniature watermelon looking gourd which turns bright yellow when ripe. It's been said that the roots of some of the very large plant weigh 100 plus pounds. The melons are not eatable and are poisonous to some. I have been told the the Coyotes do eat them, but I have never seen this happen. Flowers April - July.


It looks as if it's coming out to get you.

Looks like a plant from a science fiction movie that wraps it self around you and drags you into it.

Between the San Pedro House and the San Pedro river just out side of Sierra Vista, Arizona you see fields of these.



I had to step very sofly when getting these photos, so as not to wake it up.



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