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Well, it does rhyme, but it's not a true statement.

Myrtle actually is a Tortoise
and is a Spurred Tortoise besides.

I doubt if you have ever seen one in the U.S. before

This is just a cute/funny story I wanted to put on line.
Myrtle was not in the wild, she a pet that belongs to Chris & Tracy of Peoria, Arizona.

One day while driving pass the Youngtown, Arizona Police station and city court house, I spied a strange sight.
Slowing my car down in order to make a U turn and go back
to see if what I thought I saw, was really what I did see.

Yep, sure enough there it was, eating the grass, and anything else that was green.
Not seeing anyone near by, I parked the car and got out to investigate
this strange looking critter. It was then I saw Chris & Tracy sitting on one of the park benches.

Well, what do we have here I ask? That's Myrtle Tracy answered. But what is it I ask?
Oh, that's our pet Spurred Tortoise she answered.

It got out the other day and was stopped by the police
for speeding down the avenue so we brought he here to confront the judge and try to get out of
having to pay any fine. She's only 4 years old and does not have a job and has no money to pay a fine.


I really would like to just run a way and forget this whole ordeal.


I am really quite depressed over this whole thing.


Turning abruptly she headed off towards the court house.



I am so nervous I just can't go through with it.


OK, if you insist, I guess I better get this over with.


I just can't believe they gave me a ticket for speeding.


Oh me, Oh my, I guess this is it.


I hope the judge is in a good mode.


Well here goes, if you don't see me in a few minutes, you'll kow they thew the book at me.


It's sure feels good to get out of there.

By the way, they told me that it should have been the HARE that got the ticket & not me.


Every thing's back to normal once again.



Now you do realize this was a made up story don't you??

I wiegh 65 pounds, about 18 inches across, & only 4 years old.
When I was bought I was only a bout 2 inches across and only wieghed a few ounces.
If they keep feeding me I will get up 170 pounds and about 2 feet across.

I'm a vege eater.


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