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Desert Tortoise
Gopherus (xerobates) agassizii


Tortoises are turtles that have evolved to live on land.
Their ancestors were from the aquatic turtle family Tesudinidea.

Desert Tortoises are herbivorous, feeding on desert grasses, cactus fruit.

The Sonoran Desert Tortoise are mostly found in rocky, sloping terrain.

Map and range may not be to any scale.


Desert Tortoise.
I think it just may see another Desert Tortoise coming into its territory,
there just may be a fight in the brewing here.


I do believe we are going to have a confrontation in just a few seconds.


Male Tortoise often have these competitive bouts during the breeding season. They use the horn on the front of their lower shell to ram the other Tortoise in an attempt to over turn their opponent and thus by doing so establish their territory. The over turned Tortoise can and will right it self in a short time and go on it way out the victors territory.


I told that young wipper-snapper he was no match for me.


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