I call this animal a Ring-tailed Cat

The books call it a Ringtail
Bassariscus astutus

A nocturnal mammal


It can be up to approximately 3 feet long. It's sort of a gray-yellowish on the top side of the body, but much lighter on the under side. They call it a cat (ringtail) because its body resembles a cat's body, but has a face sort of like that of a fox. The tail is the most out standing thing about this animal, note how bushy it is. Also note the black rings on it. This one only has 7 rings on its tail. The books say it can have as many as 16. The tip is always black. If you were to turn the Ringtail over you would see that the rings on the tail do not meet on the under side. Please note the extra large eyes and ears, this is all the better see and hear you with. If you closely you can see a very pale eye ring, very light in color. There are 5 toes on each foot and I do not believe there is any difference in its foot prints from the front feet to the back feet. You may never see its tracks because it for the most part it lives in very rocky terrains. Inasmuch as I photographed it at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon right on the very edge proves its habitat as stated. The Ringtail sleeps by day and hunts it prey at night. It eats grasshoppers, crickets, very small mammals, small birds, spiders, and frogs if it can find any.

These images were taken at various times of the late afternoon and evening.


Want ot kow more about this critter??

The Ringtails are very shy of people and large things that move unexpectedly.

These images were taken at Hopi Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Leaning over the guard rail as far as I dare without falling in to the canyon
I spotted the Ringtail as it was about to start to ascend up the
canyon wall to the parking lot area of Hopi Point and more than likely hoot the trash cans there.


OH, there just has to be an easier way to get to the top.
Don't I have a beautiful tail?


WOW, what a climb. I sure hope there are some goodies up here for me.
Don't I have a beautiful tail? Look at my nice large ears too.


Seems to me like there's some one over there with a camera.
Isn't my tail just gorgeous, and those ears, look at the size of them.

Well, I didn't have to catch it & turn it over so you could see that the tail rings do not meet on the under side of the tail.
Wew, sure glad I didn't have to catch it & turn it over.
I more than likely would have many scratches and bites all over me if I had tried. :) :) :) :) :)
Just joking of course.


Now, if I can just sneak past that old photographer, who let him in here any way?
I had better slip over there to see what tender morsels those tourist have left me.

By the way have noticed my beautiful tail, extra big ears and eyes?


Just because it's dark doesn't mean I can't see you standing there with that big Ol'e camera.

Some how I just have to get past that guy and to those food morsels on the ground in that parking lot area.

You can really see my large eyes and ears in this picture. OH, one other thing,
Have you noticed my beautiful tail?


Well, better luck next time. I'll just come back later when the camera man has gone.
As I leave please notice my beautiful tail.


Back over the edge I go.
Note the front left paw, it is showing its bottom side in this image.

One last thing before I go, don't I have a beautiful tail?


A few more images 09/28/05 Bright Angel Lodge canyon side of the entrance.


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