[ Chlorophyllum molybdites ]

It turns out that this mushroom is very poisonous, in fact it has
caused more poisonings in the U.S. than any other mushroom.


Go to this link and read about it.


I live in the extreme Northwest part of Phoenix, Arizona. After going for many months with no rain, the sky opened up us on Sept. 8th & 9th. Next the sun came out and the temperature went into the high 90's and the humidity was in the high 80's for several days and then these things came up all over the place, in every yard, parking, along the curbs, and any where else you could think of. It is/was such a spectacular sight I just had to get my digital cam out and record them. I mean these were BIG and there were thousands upon thousands of them. The largest one was 12 & 1/2 inches across and about 4 inches above the ground at their top.





This stage looked like giant Easter eggs.

That center one was 8 1/2 inches tall.

They have now started to open up.



Looking at the top or "Pileus


Looking up under the mushroom at the Stem and Gills.


12 & 1/2 inches across.


Bottom side.The Gills.



Well, that's about it. If I hear from the Mushroom people I will up date this file.

Today's date is 09/11/2002


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