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Locust or Cicada
Lo-kest family of Lo-custidae

Widely distributed orthopterous insects resembling grasshoppers but having short antennae especially those that migrate. Cicada (harvest fly)

In Arizona the Locust start their singing in July through August.

The sound they make is done by rubbing their wings together.




I would say this one is of the migratory type since I can hardly see its antennae.


The latest feed back on this subject from a viewer in an E-mail to me.

Subj: The Cicada on your site
Date: 7/18/03 11:09:51 PM US Mountain Standard Time
From: (Master Minx)

You describe this insect as a locust, but it is NOT a locust. It is in the Order Homoptera, Sub-family Cicadidae. Please feel free to do the limited amount of web research that I did to figure that out.



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