Yellow-rumped Warblers

Audubon's Warbler

The Western species.


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At one time the Audubon's & the Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warblers were
considered to be one species. Now they are considered to be 2 separate species.

In the East a Myrtle and in the West it's an Audubon's Warbler.
The Myrtle's has the yellow rump & yellow patch on both sides just in front of their wings.
The Myrtle's has a white throat and the Audubon's has a yellow throat.


Inasmuch as we have the Eastern species (Myrtle) and the Western species (Audubon's)
I do not know where to put the dividing East-West line.

Maybe I should have put them all on the same page.

I had such a fun time photographing this Myrtle's Warbler I have decide to put it by its self.

I will show both birds together here. **


Photographed at Mary Jo's Ash Canyon B&B if you would like to visit click HERE

Gee, I am sorry, I guess I should have ask first if I could take your picture.
Hope you're not to mad at me.


Can you tell which is which?? **



I like these what I call funny or silly shots that you quite by accident.


This is my levitating Myrtle's Warbler.

Also you might be able to see that it does have a yellow rump.


Peek-a-boo I can see you trying to get my picture.




I believe that's a Bridled Titmouse taking off in the back ground.




HA-HA-YA can't see me in here. So it thinks :):):).


Knowing that this bird never is in one spot for more than as much time as it takes you blink,
you can imagine how much fun I had getting these images.


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