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A few new photos Aug. 2005 at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Taken with a D70s Nikon, I'm just learning to use it.

You really have to scour the trees when looking lover the canyon wall for the birds.
Many times you will miss then if only look with your naked eye.


How many birds do you see here?

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Some times people will confuse the Turkey Vultures with the California Condors.


Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the wind won't blow me off my feet,
but if I should be blown off before I wake,
I pray to that great Turkey Vulture God up high please don't let me die.


Here is a few images of the Turkey Vulture flying.

Nope, I ain't no California Condor.
Note the white wing pattern.
The Condor has a white under wing pattern on the leading edge of the wing.


This is a California Condor


Turkey Vulture



I do believe the young Turkey Vultures have a black head just like the California Condor young birds.



I think there are only5 birds in this tree.
Always look over the canyon's edge to see if there are birds in any of the trees.


Young Turkey Vulture



It doesn't appear that the white trailing edge under wing feathers developed until they are older.





It really has a white trailing edge on both wings, it's just that it is so postioned that the sun is not on them.





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