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Least Bittern


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Approximately 12 to 13 inches tall. However from tail to head much more.
Much smaller that an American Bittern and the other Herons.

Photos taken in Gilbert, Arizona 01/15/06 at


You might think that photographing these birds is a snap, but this Bittern will give you a sever challenge.
You can't get near it, it flies at the slightest sign of any movement by any photographer trying to set up his gear.
Inasmuch as you can't get close to it, you must photograph it from across the pond.
I was using my 16 power binoculars to find it and when I did it was well hid & since
it's a small bird I didn't figure I would ever get any good photos.

Here's what it looked like as I viewed it through my binoculars.


This is through a 600 mm plus a 2X & a 1.4X converter.
This what I shall use to do the rest of the images with.

Camera is a D70s set to Fine jpg, 400 ISO, in the manual mirror up position.


I don't think it will get much better even if I stack more glass on the camera.


Me thinks it sees a fish in the water.




Better luck next time Bittern.
However they do not miss very often.
See the water dripping off the end of ots bill?


Perhaps there are more & better fish over here.


I just new it, a little patience is all it takes.

Sorry I missed the its dive into the water to catch it.


Now that was very tasteful.

However, I doubt if they can really taste anything. :-))


Hey; these photos ain't to bad for being over 100 feet from this small bird.

I think this Bittern has Green Legs


At first I thought this was only a Green stock, but looking at it closer
I see it is connected to a foot, and the other end is coming out of its body.
Therefore, I must conclude that its legs are green.


I do believe it thinking about leaving.


As it says in the books, it likes to stalk through the reeds in a crouched posture.


Looks like we have the beginnings of crouching.


Boy; do we ever have a crouching posture now.


There it goes into the reeds.


As it climbs off through the reeds it would sometimes look back.

You can't see me now!


But I can see you!

And then off it went into the reed bed, but it returned in a few minutes to try and catch another fish or two.


If you had just wondered on to the location, I doubt if you would ever see this bird. It blends into the back ground very well.

Sure hope you have enjoyed viewing the Least Bittern as I have.

I made many trips to Gilbert to find and photograph this bird but it sure was worth this final trip.


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